So, ok, this is a pretty dull place to start, and I know it’s old news, but I would like to make a little bit of noise about the usefulness of a blog feed reader. It can potentially change the way you experience the world of blogs, and indeed the internet! I use Bloglines which provides me with a personalised list of the blogs and sites I like, shows me when there are new posts on any of them, and displays the new posts as and when I wish.

One of the main advantages for me is that you don’t have to visit the blog to see if anything new has been posted – no more clicking through a list of bookmarks – and so those bloggers who post less than regularly can still be kept track of: they just sit there quietly until something new arrives. Bloglines is free, easy to set up, and requires no downloading of software. Man, I sound like a cheesy salesman. But really, try it, if you haven’t already – you’ll feel cutting edge, I promise.