I was having a conversation yesterday with Richard about blogging, and he pointed out how few Manchester based blogs are actually about Manchester. Why does the blogging community not blog more about its immediate geographical location? There are some very notable   exceptions, of course, but generally geographical focus does not abound.

Before looking for an answer, however, one might wonder why that might be an expectation in the first place – why would bloggers blog about their local area?

Here is a speculative suggestion: Blogging is, to some degree, seen as a form of media. In the world of media, small productions (of which few are smaller than most blogs) must find a niche market to survive. Content relevant to immediate geographical surroundings has traditionally provided a natural niche. Ergo, a natural niche for blogs will be local issues.

Ok, perhaps. So why are there so few geographically focused blogs?

Here is my speculative answer: Bloggers are Internet users (that bit’s not speculative) and internet users are part of a culture that is increasingly living uninfluenced by geographic locality. How many of us still live in the town that we were born in? How many of us know more and engage more with local government than with national government? I’m sure you get the gist. So perhaps we do not blog about our locality because that is not where our heads are.

This may seems obvious, but it represents a challenge to modern society: How do we find peace when our heads are all over the place?