The original purpose of a blog (web log) was to log links to interesting bits of the internet. Now, of course, many blogs have become interesting in their own right, and it is perhaps just as common for blogs to link to other blogs than to non-blog based web content.

In honour of this founding principle of blogs I note the following:

William F. Vallicella, over at the Maverick Philosopher, has posted the first in a series of Philosopher’s Notes on Ecclesiastes which looks set to offer exactly what is says on tin, and  may be of interest to anyone curious about ancient Scripture or philosophy.

On a different note altogether, PhD Comics, the source of much postgrad humour (and no doubt some blank stares from those with no experience of university research) has taken an out of character political turn in recent strip–  a scrap more evidence for the thought that comedians and good communicators with their head screwed on often coincide.