Reported in this story from the BBC:

The winter poll from the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR), of 217 big firms, suggests graduate vacancies will be 16.4% higher than last year.

Sounds dull, especially of you are neither a graduate or  grad employer. However,the BBC interprets the report as suggesting that:

Generation Y – those since 1982 – are seen as “ambitious” and “demanding”.

“A particularly striking finding is the definite assessment AGR members make that Generation Y graduates tend to be ‘less loyal to the business’ that employs them,” the report said.

Some employers complained they were “self-centred”, “fickle” and “greedy”.

Such negative words, what are we to do with Generation Y!  But hang on, the picture changes if we realise that these word come from the mouths of large profit driven city firms. For ‘less loyal to the business’ read ‘less willing to sell themselves and the best of their young adult years unquestioningly for the hope of a future pay package’. It seems these said firms are all upset because graduates are “self-centred” rather than, presumably, willing to jump head first into the rat race to serve, at the expense of all except a good wage,  the faceless corporation. “Fickle”, perhaps, because they are questioning what they really want in life. Don’t get me started on the accusation of “greedy”.