I’ve been ‘blogslapped’ by AFMIP – a fellow blogger whose blogname used to be Tim, which is a little easier to pronounce than AFMIP, but less fun.

Anyway, it’s a meme, apparently, all the rage, apparently. I like the literary twist to this one and I like AFMIP, so I’ll join in. I have to reach for the nearest book, go to page 123, then copy out sentences six, seven and eight.

I’m at my desk in university, so the nearest book is a philosophy book, I’m afraid, but it does seem fitting given AFMIP’s flattering mis-description of me.

In general, it seems to me preferable to take the notion of being in an informational state with such-and-such a content as a primitive notion for philosophy, rather then attempt to characterize it in terms of belief. In the first place, such a characterization could not be simple, because of a fundamental (almost defining) property of the states in the informational system, which I shall call their ‘belief-independance’: the subject’s being in an informational state is independent of whether or not he believes that the state is veridical. It is a well known fact about perceptual illusions that it will continue to appear to as though, say, one line is longer than the other (in the Muller-Lyer illusion) even though we are quite sure that it is not.

That’s Gareth Even waxing philosophical about the relationship between information, belief, and truth, in his book ‘The Varieties of Reference’.

I think this is maybe you’re supposed to use novels and other more readily understandable texts.

Now, tradition has it, I tag some bloggers to follow suit. I nominate:

Matt Wilson


The Manchizzle Yankunian

Obviously you don’t have to, it’s not a ‘join in or you suck’ thing.