This week I chose the wrong day not to go into university – it seems I missed all the action.

I can’t help but feel the police in the video would have been better off keeping an eye on things from a distance, rather than offering a rather lame token of resistance – its not like the students were about to hurt anyone or anything.

Instead there was a minor ‘clash’ with police that achieved nothing but make the whole thing look better on TV – that and strengthen the view of a few socialist arts students that they are being opressed by the Machine.

Free education, they say. I guess that means ‘free education from the clutches of the corporate bosses who have turned it into a comodity’, as well as ‘can we have education for free please’. Two for the price of one slogan. Efficient.

I sound like I’m being flippant, which I am, I guess, but they complain about value for money one moment, and then that education is being treated like a commercial commodity the next.

Furthermore, education is never free; someone has to pay me to mark 60 3000 word essays (and the rest of it). I know they know that, but I’d love them to be a little more specific in their ‘demands’. Admittedly ‘Education for 3 or 4 years after the age of 18 should be paid for by all through higher taxes instead of just by those who receive it’ isn’t quite as catchy.

The building they chose to sit and hold their debate in is the one I work in. I could have looked down from the balcony above and spotted premature bald spots, or something.

All that said, I have no problems with a healthy bit of student protest. It builds character, and surely has to be better than passive dull students, too hung over to hold up a sign.