At 12 noon on June 21st begins Reification: the Tony Wilson experience. Billed as “Manchester’s longest ever intelligent conversation” it aims to be an “eclectic mix of creative talents who will be debating, engaging and challenging each other nonstop for 24 hours”, all in honour of the broadcaster, entrepreneur and creative champion Tony Wilson.

It’s going to be held in the Cathedral gardens and Urbis and you can find out more, including how you might become one of the lucky 200 ‘students’, here. This all sounds pretty exciting, but it is incredibly hard to get any firm grasp on exactly what they have in mind. One of the video’s from Channel M has John Rob (music journalist) suggesting it will be a sort of exclusive networking opportunity – to try get and back to that ‘village Manchester’ feel where everybody knows everybody else in the industry (and can get each other jobs).

This doesn’t sound much like an intelligent conversation.

Other snippets from the website and the videos suggest something more promising, but all is a bit hazy. The name of the event – Reification (to make the abstract concrete/ to treat the abstract as concrete) seems all too fitting.

Nevertheless, if you are Manchester creative, it looks like it’s worth keeping an eye on.