The BBC are keen to not only produce content for the full spectrum of the UK audience, but to pull employees from across that spectrum as well. And quite rightly.

Hence the BBC’s in-house newspaper Ariel was very keen last week to make the most of the diversity of the new intake to the recently revived BBC Production Training Scheme. They wrote:

Not all in the BBC mould: they include an ex-lawyer, a stand up comic, a former scaffolder and soccer coach.

What’s more,

They’re all graduates but they’re not predominantly from Oxbridge, as may have been the case at one time.

More ticks for diversity, or such is the implication.

However, a quick scan through the profiles reveals that the ‘former scaffolder’ has a masters in anthropology from Cambridge. He has also been a bookshop owner. We can assume he did a-levels and at least four years of higher education, and he’s only 24. In the picture he is wearing a jacket approximating a blazer, and a pink shirt.

‘Not in the mould’ because he got his hands dirty on a summer job? This is clutching at diversity straws. At least we needn’t worry about Jeremy Paxman being right.