No prizes for noticing the slowly growing buz on the web about Twitter. Along with all the hype however, there is a perhaps greater than usual (usual for an emerging web tool) volume of noise from those expressing dislike or just down right puzzlement. twitter_logo_s

‘So, what, you just post short messages about what you’re doing (“i’m brushing my teeth”) and anyone who wants to follow your life can? I don’t get it. Isn’t that just a lot of distracting noise?’

Say some people.Then:

‘Doesn’t it just feed the celebrity culture, where people are more interested in the banal events of others lives than the significant ones of their own?’

Say other people.

Like these people, I am predisposed to skepticism with this one. ‘Sounds dumb’ was my first thought. However, when I first heard of blogs a decade ago, I thought that sounded pretty dumb too, so what do I know?

In that spirit, I propose an experiment. I’ll try twitter, but better than that, I’ll share the experience with anyone who chances upon this blog. So join me on this journey to a deeper understanding of all that Tweets.

A few disclaimers before I start. I don’t text very much, and my mobile is a bit crap; I don’t have an iPhone; I’m on Facebook but I can count the times I’ve updated my status on one hand. Perhaps that means I’m not the ideal candidate for this experiment. But perhaps not.

If you Twitter, is it any good? Should I follow you? Is it a load of crap?

Next up: getting an account.