The Author: Geoff, a married male Manchester resident who used to ride the 43 bus but now cycles to the University each day to make fluctuating progress on a philosophy PhD thesis. Welcome to my blog!

Sorry, where’s this going? The great advantage of my previous blog was its focus.  Here, however, I will be throwing my pen wide – at least as wide as those aspects of Faith, Philosophy and Politics that catch my attention and that I feel bold enough to make some humble comment or observation about. But we shall see; my hands are not tied.

This is a training ground to learn and experiment, to engage and take part, to explore and practice.

What’s in a name? 40Three comes simply from the name of my first foray into the blogging world – 43 – itself named after the number of the Manchester bus that served as the focal point for most of the posts (really, it was far more interesting than it sounds). And so I keep some continuity with the old name for PR reasons.

No, not really. I just like the sense of wholeness and grand narrative that it suggests.