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The media hype continues:

Will it go mainstream? Almost certainly, yes. …This is the sort of service that could go ballistic in a recession.


I’ve posted a few tweets, and even had a reply from a friend who started to follow. I’ve also been trying out applications for easily reading and writing tweets. I’ve tried desktop app Twirl, which does the job but requires Adobe Air and is perhaps a little bulky for my needs.

Better is TwitterFox – a small plugin for Forefox that sits in the bottom bar of the browser and brings up new tweets at intervals of your choice.

I’ve set it to 30 minutes. A distraction from what I was otherwise doing every 30 minutes. Is this just more noise to take my attention away from being productive? Clearly if Twitter is to work, we need to find ways to ensure that it serves us rather than visa versa.

More twitter based activity: I set up facebook to update my status with my tweets, providing a potentially wider audience, and found the cogs were beginning to turn today when a friend at church asked about ‘Forum for Change’ – something I had tweeted (twittered?) about.

So far:

I follow – 8

Follow me  – 4

Verdict in progress: more interesting than I thought, a little worried about the distraction.


Welcome to the second instalment of my exploration into Twitter. twitter_logo_s

First up, I log onto to the website and get an account.

This is as easy as any online sign up could be. What’s more, since Twitter is still quite young I get to use my actual name as a user name – geoffstevenson. That is a bonus. Good so far.

I also rather enjoy the site aesthetics – you can choose a design for your feed home page and they’re all pretty easy on the eye. I add my own picture.

I’m now a Twitter user and I’m offered some “well known” Twitter feeds to follow to start me off. I choose the no. 10 Downing Street feed. So far I’ve learnt that the guy who writes it is called Ian.

What next? I need some more people to follow. I must feed on their tweets. I go to facebook and see that a friend from my undergrad days uses Twitter, so I add his feed. He is an interesting person and will probably have some interesting things to say. “Fish and chips” he says in a tweet.

But who else to follow? I’m a bit stuck, and will have to do some digging around to find something. I obviously move in the wrong circles.

But enough of who to follow, what shall I say? No one is listening, so it doesn’t really matter. I break the ice with something banal:

“I begin the Twitter Trials. Follow my progress on”

It feels a bit like speaking out loud to an empty room.


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