I’m no internet keen been, nor a computer wiz, but I am glad to be growing up (yes- I’m still growing up) during the birth and growth of the internet. Sure, it presents its own hazards, and is as easily turned to bad as to good use, but its potential is still only beginning to hatch.

The issue of email overload has been brought up yet again by The BBC Money Programme (see here). I noticed they found a university ‘expert’ to weigh in, who suggested home internet users should pop to their local store and spend £50 on a spam filter.

If you’re spending 50 quid on a spam filter, I think you’ve already lost the battle.

My top tip is: use a decent (free) email client like Mozilla Thunderbird, and organise your inbox into folders that group together the main sources of your emails. Then run automatic message filters to sort them as they arrive into the appropriate folders (sort by sender, or a key word in the subject).

For example, I get a bunch of emails from Amazon telling me they’ve dispatched an order, or received a rental DVD, and they automatically get cleared from my inbox and collected in their own folder for me to scan over if and when I choose – saving me from having to deal with them when I need to be processing potentially more important mail.